Will Generate NetClassroom IDs overwrite existing IDs?

In Administration, using Generate NetClassroom IDs will not overwrite existing usernames and passwords if a username exists. When generating NetClassroom IDs, passwords are not generated for records if they already have a username entered.

  •  How to Generate NetClassroom IDs
  • If you want to use the Generate NetClassroom IDs to give new usernames and passwords to records where they already exist, you will have to open the record and delete the username or both the username and password (just deleting the password will not work) and save the record in order for new credentials to be generated. This will create a new username and overwrite the password (if it was not deleted).
1. Open the Record in question
2. For Individuals, go to the Bio 1 tab to find the username and password
For Students, go to the Bio 2 tab to find the username and password
3. Delete the username (you may delete or keep the password - if you keep it, it will be overwritten)
4. Save and Close the Record
5. Go to Administration > Generate NetClassroom IDs to create the new username and passwords.


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