Online Express email signup form fields exceed Raiser’s Edge field size

When processing Online Express email signups, the follow error message occurs:

An error occurred processing the signup for
(email address): Data too long for field
Max length = 50 for First Name

This may occur when someone enters a name field that exceeds The Raiser's Edge field limits on the Online Express signup form.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution

In the Download email signups window:
  1. Locate the record that may be causing this error
  2. If the record appears as a match or partial match, click Remove match under Actions
  3. Under Actions, click on Edit/preview new record
  4. Manually edit the first or last name so that it is less than 50 characters and click save
  5. Process the email signup

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create email signup form and post to web page
2. Enter a first and last name as follows (copy and paste to form)
(enter your email)
3. Click Signup.
4. Look in your email for confirmation. Click on link to complete process.
5. Return to The Raiser’s Edge and Online Express.
6. Click Email marketing.
7. Click Download signups.
8. If it shows up as match or partial match, click Remove match.
9. Mark the checkbox in the first column.
10. Click Process signups.
11. Error occurs:

error message


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