If a user does not receive the invitation email please follow the steps below:
  1. Check spam and junk folders.
  2. Make sure the correct email configurations are in place.
  3. Resend the invitation.
  4. Resend invitation to the user's personal email and have the user forward to their correct email address.
  5. If the email is not received at the user's personal email account, follow article I did not receive the confirmation or reset password email for blackbaud.com.
*Note* All invitation emails are unique to the original user and cannot be forwarded to other users. This was intended to prevent those who have not been invite from gaining access. A user that has not been invited will receive an error when attempting to confirm their account.

This is a sample NXT invitation email to assist your IT department in allowing in the email to the firewall and email server:

From: Raiser's Edge NXT [mailto:noreply@blackbaud.com] 
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2016 9:34 AM
To: Cynthia Nolen
Subject: Welcome to Raiser's Edge NXT!


Justin Muratore invited you to join Blackbaud RE Support on Raiser's Edge NXT.

With Raiser's Edge NXT, you can easily view and manage information from The Raiser's Edge - including your relationship and interactions with constituents and prospects - through an engaging and easy to use application.

Since Raiser's Edge NXT is cloud-based, you can securely access these features from anywhere, on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device! To get started, please accept your invitation to confirm your new subscription.
User-added image
We hope you enjoy!


Blackbaud and Raiser's Edge NXT