Follow the steps below to stop fundraising assignments for a single constituent:

*Note* Only users who have Supervisor rights will be able to stop assignments.

1.  Go to a Fundraiser's Constituent record
2.  Select stop assignments
3.  You will be prompted with the following message; " 'Constituent' won't be available for any new assignments or in work center.  However, they'll still appear on any current assignments, so you may want to reassign their work to other fundraisers first."
4.  Click 'Stop assignments'
5.  The constituent name will no longer appear when searching for a fundraiser to associate with an assignment

*Note* Clicking the stop assignments button will automatically deselect the Solicitor box of a Constituent's Bio 1 tab in the Database View.  The deselecting of this box will hide the solicitor history but will not delete it.  If the box is then selected again, the history will reappear.