The Givalanche direct link takes donor to an invalid page

The Givalanche direct link sent to donors in an Online Express confirmation e-mail may not direct the donor back to the Online Express donation page. After clicking the link, a donor may see a '404 error' or 'Sorry the page you are trying to view is not here.'

This issue can occur when the Online Express form is embedded on a page using a custom URL. 
To correct this, please embed the Online Express form on a page without a custom URL. 

The Givalanche URL produced is correct, but the CMS of the website where the form is embedded is overriding the Givalanche URL, which is causing the direct link to open an invalid page. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Enable Givalanche on an Online Express donation page
2. A donor makes a donation and receives a confirmation email with a direct link to start Givalanche
3. Click the direct link and web browser opens an invalid page- the original Online Express donation page doesn't open

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