To create this list navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Select Create an Advanced List from Add the drop-down in the upper left. 
  4. Select the Select Objects Tab
  5. Expand Constituent Information and select the following objects:
    • User Base
    • User Role
  6. Expand Academic Group and select the following objects:
    • Course Enrollment
    • Course Group
    • Course Base
    • Course Term
  7. Expand School and select the following objects:
    • School Level
    • School Year
  8. Expand Grading and select the following objects:
User-added image


  1. Select the Display Fields tab.
  2. Click Select Fields, mark the following fields:
  • User Base.First Name
  • User Base.Last Name
  • Course Base.Course Title
  • Enrollment Grade.Grade
  • Grade Plan.Grade Plan
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  1. Select the Filters tab.
  2. Within Global Filters (Where Clause) click + to add the following global filters:
  • Where User Role.Role is any of Student
  • And School Year.School Year is any of the school year you're looking for (for example 2015-2016) 
  • And School Level.School Level is any of the school level you're looking for (for example Upper School) 
  • And (Enrollment Grade.Grade Contains C-
  • Or Enrollment Grade.Grade Contains D+
  • Or Enrollment Grade.Grade Contains D
  • Or Enrollment Grade.Grade Contains D-
  • Or Enrollment Grade.Grade Contains F)
  • And Grade Plan.Grade Plan is any of ...(select all grade plans to include, for example Quarter 1 Grade)
Note: School Year Filter and School Level Filter can be changed to pull a list for other school years and school levels within these grading parameters.

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  1. Select Preview to make sure the list displays the correct information.
  2. Name the list
  3. Click Save or Save & Exit.