Membership Mid-term upgrade does not use transaction price

When processing a mid-term membership upgrade you may notice that the price difference between the upgraded level and the current membership level does not take into account the price of the membership level at the time of the membership purchase. 
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and determined at this time it is functioning as expected. Please utilize our feedback process to request a change to this functionality by liking this idea and leaving a comment

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Purchase a membership for a constituent at a certain membership level
  2. Change the price of that membership level
    1. Click memberships > Click on the name of the membership
    2. Click on the prices tab
    3. Click on the price and click the edit button
    4. Click on the price you want to edit and change the price
    5. Click save
  3. Perform a mid-term membership upgrade for that constituent
    1. Click Sales > Daily Sales
    2. Enter the name of the constituent in the constituent name field
    3. Click on the mid term upgrades button
    4. Choose the new membership level
    5. Complete the transaction
You may notice that the price of the upgrade (which is the difference in price between the two membership levels) uses the current price of the original membership level and not the price of the membership during the transaction


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