Let's say the school is set up in Quarters. For Quarter 1 it makes sense to pull 100% of the Quarter 1 Gradebook Cumulative. Same thing for the Quarter 2 grade. Now let's say it's time to record the Semester 1 Grade which is 50% of the Quarter 1 grade and 50% of the Quarter 2 grade.

When you set up the Grade Plan formula for the Semester 1 Grade, you want to choose 50% of the Quarter 1 Grade and 50% or the Quarter 2 Grade. You don't want to pull 50% of the Quarter 1 Cumulative and 50% of the Quarter 2 Cumulative and here is why.

The Quarter 1 Cumulative will pull in the numerical cumulative gradebook grade such as 95.67. If the school rounds grades, you want to pull in 50% of the Quarter 1 grade which will pull in a 96 (rounded version of 95.67).

**If some teachers use gradebook and other teachers do not use gradebook then you might need to create two versions of the grade plan formula in order to record final course grades. One formula will pull in the Gradebook cum and another formula that will pull in the hand recorded term grade.