This error can occur when a table entry is in use on a record. If you are certain the entry does not need to be used, we can use the Table cleanup utility. If you have multiple entries that need to be removed, you can enter N/A in the Replace with field. You can then either set the new entry of N/A to Inactive, or proceed with the instructions below to locate and remove the table entry.

To help identify what areas could be using the Table:
  1. Go to Configuration > Tables
  2. Highlight the Table
  3. Click Table Cleanup
Afterwards, you should see a screen that will show where a table entry could be used. This will allow us to create a query in each of the modules to determine where the entry is being used.Table Cleanup

If the table is being used in an Attribute, you can verify which ones by going to Configuration > Attributes and locate the Table name

Next, we will need to create a query in each module to identify where the table is in use. The results can be different between Admission's Office and Registrar's Office, depending on where the information is entered.
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After you identify the records where the entry is in use, modify the records to utilize a different table entry. After all records have been changed, you should be able to delete the table entry without receiving the error.