Membership cards are not automatically issued from BBIS

For memberships that are issued membership cards, the cards are not automatically issued from the Membership web transaction batch. The "Members and Cards" screen must be opened for each membership, and the member's name must be manually selected in order to be issued the card.
1) In the "Members and Cards" screen, hover your mouse over the “Member” column of the "Members receiving cards" section, observe that a drop-down appears.

2) Open the drop-down, observe the name used for the memberships is there.

3) Select the name, and then click the empty “Name on Card” column next to it. This will populate the name.

4) Save this, commit the batch, note that it successfully processes. Note that the constituent was created with this name, and the membership has been issued a card.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Use BBIS's Membership form to make a membership.
2) Download them in Web Transactions
3) Open the membership batch,
4) Click on “Members and Cards”.
5) Observe the “Members receiving cards” section looking empty. (this is the issue)

The membership card is able to be issued manually, but the "Members Receiving Cards" drop-down should have been populated with the name.


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer
 Blackbaud Internet Solutions

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