How to configure international addresses for Online Express

International addresses must first be configured in Raiser's Edge, Configuration. Once selected for use in Online Express donation forms the donor will be required to complete all address fields in the Billing Address section before they can complete the transaction.
Online Express currently only supports the five following address templates. These options can be found in step 3 above.
- United States
- United Kingdom
- Canada
- Australia
- New Zealand
Online Express does not support custom address blocks configured in Raiser's Edge.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Raiser's Edge, Configuration, International
2. Click 'New Country' or select to open an existing entry
3. Select the most appropriate selection from the 'Display available fields for this country' drop down
4. Online Express uses the default fields from these drop down options regardless or users modifying the address block
5. Navigate to Online Express, Account, Integration options- In the General section mark the checkbox of all appropriate countries
6. Open an existing Online Express donation form and select a country in the Billing Address section
7. Note the address lines mirror the default template in Raiser's Edge, Configuration and do not reflect and modifications to the address block

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