To see the List(s) being used in your Distribution Group:
1) Navigate to Core.
2) Go to Communication > Pushpage > Distribution Groups.
3) To the right of your Distribution Group, click Edit
4) Under Selected Lists, you can view the List(s) added to this Distribution Group.

To prevent a user from receiving a Pushpage sent to a particular Distribution Group/List:
1) Impersonate the user.
2) Click their name in the upper right corner, and select Settings.
3) From the options on the left, click Notifications.
4) Scroll down under Bulk E-Mail.
5) Un-check the Bulk E-Mail option, or, un-check the individual list(s) being used in the Distribution Group you do not want the user to receive the Pushpage for.
6) After sending the Pushpage, you can re-enable Bulk E-mail, or the individual List(s) if the user should receive future issues sent to this Distribution Group.