Membership expiration date disappears when linking transaction to existing membership in Online Express

When downloading membership transactions from Online Express to The Raiser's Edge, linking the transaction to an existing membership causes the membership Expires On date field to go blank. The user has to fill in the date manually for the transaction to complete.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

To populate a date in the Expires on field:

Manually enter a desired date.

  1. On Renewed on date field, note the existing start date value.
  2. Click on calendar icon at the far right of Renewed on date field.
  3. Find the noted existing start date value on the calendar.
  4. Double-click on the existing start date on the calendar.
  5. The Expires on date should appear.

Steps to Duplicate

In the sample Raiser's Edge database:
1. Create membership form in Online Express in The Raiser's Edge for the Young Explorers / Young Maestros membership program.  
2. Add form to test site and complete a transaction for a Young Maestros membership for Dean Isley (use your own email and enter a fake address).
3. Return to The Raiser's Edge > Online Express > Memberships.
4. Click on Download Transactions.
5. Find the test transaction for Dean Isley.
6. Link the transaction to his existing constituent record and reject all address changes.
7. Click Manage Memberships under Membership Linking. Note Expires On at bottom has a date.
8. Click beside No, add a new transaction to an existing membership for [constituent]. Note Expires On date at bottom becomes blank.
9. Mark the checkbox beside Young Explorers / Young Maestros membership. Note Expires On date at bottom remains blank.
10. Click OK to complete. Message occurs saying "Required Field missing: Expires On".
11. Click OK.
12. Enter a date for one year after the Joined On date.
13. Click OK.
14. Process Transaction to The Raiser's Edge.


 Blackbaud Online Express

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