What processes are involved in sending email in BBIS?

There are a number of business processes involved in the process of sending email.  This article explains them at a high level.
  1. Email is submitted for delivery through the application 
  2. The Process CMS Email Business Process creates email job based on the Email schedule in BBIS > Administration > Sites & Settings > schedule
  3. The Global Change Process (Default general purpose email process) sends the job to Email Servers
  4. Email Servers accept and process the job
  5. The email goes out to recipients
  6. The email response comes back from recipients to email services (bounces/opens/etc.)
  7. Global Change Process (Default status process) makes a request from the application to the Email Server to update the application database 
  8. Update CMS Email Status runs and then updates other tables based on the response logged in step 7
  9. CMS Data Integration Process then runs and updates CRM records based on the results of steps 7-8


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