Error: Page not found - when clicking the Register Now button in an Online Express email

Users may be directed to an invalid Online Express URL or a Error" Page not Found when clicking on the Register Now button in an Online Express generated e-mail.
This issue can occur when the Online Express donation or event forms are embedded on webpages with custom URLs. The Online Express link is correct. however, the website CMS is overriding the link from loading successfully. To resolve you will need to embed the Online Express forms on a page without custom URL or work with your CMS provider.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Online Express Email Marketing and open a new or existing message
2. Select the Design email tab>Content
3. Click Event and drag to your email

4. On the 'Edit Register Button' click the 'Select a registration page to link to...' drop down and choose an event link
5. Clicking the Visit this page does not indicate an error
6. Navigate to the 'Get ready to send' tab and send a test or live e-mail
7. Click the Register Now button and you are directed to in invalid 'Page not Found' URL

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