Event registration form does not progress in Internet Explorer until you click

When attempting to progress on an event registration form in Internet Explorer, you may need to click anywhere on the screen first after pressing submit to see the next step.This behavior may happen with other multiple step parts in Blackbaud NetCommunity in Internet Explorer. 
This behavior can be caused by an issue in Internet Explorer 8 - 11 with how the browser interprets the following CSS elements:
  • div:empty {display:none;}
  • span:empty {display:none;}
The code hides any empty div/span tag in your HTML code that is not populated by the software. Since the part steps display on the same page without a page reload, if the div/span tag is populated in the second step and not the first step, the issue in Internet Explorer 8 - 11 prevents the content from being displayed until you click on the page. To resolve the issue, remove the element from your style sheet.


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