Use Query Entry to write a query identifying the accounts you want to submit for analytics processing. Use Output Entry to create an output with Output Format of Fixed width and these exact output fields and lengths in order. Click the Schedule button from Output Entry to bring you to Query and Output Schedule where you can schedule and run the query and output to create the output file.

Team Approach Standard Input
Fixed Width Input

 Output FieldLengthStartEnd
TA Output FieldsAccount ID         818
First Name         20928
Last Name          402968
Name ID            2117118
Account Type2119120
Address Line       50121170
Extra Line 1       50171220
Extra Line 2       50221270
City               30271300
State              2301302
Zip                8303310
Plus 4             8311318
Address ID         2323324
Address Type       2325326
Preferred Address  1327327
Date Updated       9328336
Name Line          50337386
Area Code5387391
Telephone Number   20392411
Telephone Extension6412417
TelephoneID        2418419
County Code8420427
PAF Number5468472