Application fields in batch do not always appear

When commitments are imported the application field becomes blanked out after the batch is saved/closed.  This occurs when there are enough payments such that there are multiple pages for the batch.
This occurs in CRM version 3.0, Service Pack 13. It has been fixed in Service Pack 14. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.      Create a new import process into an Enhanced Revenue Batch
2.      Map the following fields:  Constituent, date, revenue type, payment method
3.      Go to the revenue streams collection field and map application lookup ID and applied amount
4.      Import enough records so that you have multiple pages in the batch
5.      Open the batch on page 1
6.      Note that the application fields are populated (for example – recurring gift for Josh Grabia).
7.      Go to page 2 or any other page
8.      Note that the field is blank but it does *appear* to be applied to the commitment


 Blackbaud CRM
 CRM SP 13

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