Error in Manage my Shortcuts

When using the "Manage my Shortcuts" in the CRM side bar, the error
"Parameter name: index
Record operation could not be performed. Index must be within the bounds of the List." appears.

This occurs after selecting a task and using the "Move Up" icon. The other icons (to Top, Down, to Bottom) work correctly. Selecting the 2nd task in the list and using "Move to Top" works correctly. 

This error indicates that the task has internally reached the top of the list. Use the other icons to adjust the task order, or delete and add the task again.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Click Manager my Shortcuts in the CRM side bar
2) Select a task that is not the first task
3) Use the "Move Up" button
4) Observe the error.
5) Use the "Move to Top" icon, then adjust as needed


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0.141 SP3

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