The Yahrzeit macro customization will run for any non-supervisor users when the user is a member of the Yahrzeit Manager group and logs into The Raiser's Edge. The customization searches for Attributes and Dates on constituent records and attempts updating them. If the dates are blank, the customization may fail with the error in the title of this article.

To resolve:
  1. Create a new query.
  2. Add the following filters:
    • Deceased equals Yes
    • AND (Constituent Specific Attributes Yahr English Next Anniv Description blank
    • OR
    • "Constituent Specific Attributes Yahr Hebrew Next Anniv Description blank")
  3. ​Review returned records and specify a date for any missing or blank "..Next Anniv" attributes within 30 days of today.  
    • ​Ensure the "Hebrew/English Anniv Ltr Sent" attribute is "Yes"
  4. Log out and back in as a member of the Yahrzeit Manager group.