This option can be set or removed by following these steps:
  1. Start from the Academics persona
  2. From the Grades drop down, select Report card setup.
  3. Click on the Report Card Builder tab
  4. Under Select Filter Options to the left, select a School Year and School Level from their respective drop downs, and from the Style drop down, select Assessment
  5. Click the View button
  6. Next to the report card you want to change this for, click Edit
  7. Under Format, click the box next to Display grades in grid to check/uncheck it
  8. Click the Save button at the top
This option is only available for report cards consisting of a single grading period. It is not recommended to use this option if displaying numeric grades.

When applied to an assessment report card, the grades displayed will be the full name of the grade given instead of the abbreviation. The only way to have the abbreviations display for an assessment report card is to remove this option, and it is therefore not recommended for assessment report cards using abbreviations.