Constituent Demographics field does not appear on record

When viewing a Constituent record, a field is missing from the Demographics section of the Personal Info tab. In this case, the missing field is Birthplace. It may be Target, Income, Religion, or Ethnicity. This is a configuration preference. The entire Birthplace field is missing, not simply blank. 
This can be changed in the Demographic Data Form:
1) Use the Application Features search on top of CRM to search for Data Form
2) Click Data Form Search
3) Search for Demographic
4) In the results, open the Demographic Data Form.
5) Look for the missing field.
6) If the Hidden checkmark is checked next to the missing field, uncheck it.
7) Open the Field Characteristics tab
8) Use the double-arrow round icon next to the missing field (Birthplace), then click Edit.
9) If the Hidden checkbox is marked, uncheck it.
10) Save this, then Refresh.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Open a Constituent record
2) Open the Personal Info tab
3) Observe Birthplace is not in the Demographics section


 Blackbaud CRM

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