How to fix a blank CRM Help panel

In CRM, after clicking on Help (blue question mark "?" icon) on top right-hand navigation. It may be blank.
Normally, there should be help information, or a Get Started with Blackbaud CRM page in this Help Panel. If the Panel is completely blank, use this solution.
Steps to populate the Help panel:

1) Navigate to bbappfx\vroot\browser\brand\current 
2) Open the brandoptions.xml file, 
3) Paste the following code directly above the last line of it (just before /ShellOptions).

A different help URL may function, as well. Save the file. Restart the server if necessary. This will populate the Help panel with the content of the URL.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Click the blue (?) icon on a CRM page
2) Note that the Help panel is blank


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