Transaction Manager part does not work for Sponsorships

The Transaction Manager part cannot be used for Sponsorships. It does not link correctly to payment 2.0 part or donation forms. This is because the Transaction Manager is not intended to be used for Sponsorships. Instead, the Sponsorship Status Part should be used to manage Sponsorships. 

The Sponsorship Status Part has the following features:
1)    Show current sponsorships
2)    Allows the sponsor to make a payment toward a sponsorship
3)    Payment options - this connects to the Payment 2.0 page
4)    Opportunity info (sponsorship information, photo, etc)
5)    Shows all sponsorships, and allows the sponsor to filter sponsors
6)    Shows payment information, payment history, all designations, and the ability to group by designation
7)    While making a payment, the sponsor also sees the option to make an additional donation or recurring gift (via a Donation Form)
This occurs because the Transaction Manager is not intended to be used for Sponsorships. To manage Sponsorships, do not use the Transaction Manager part. Instead, use the Sponsorship Status Part. For more information, view the BBIS Parts Guide.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Place a Transaction Manager page part on a BBIS page
2) Connect this part to a donation form or Payment 2.0 part
3) Notice incorrect designations on donation form.


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