Here are some items to check if you're seeing Unmatched Disbursements:
  1. Is there a charge and an immediate refund? If so, this may indicate the card was swiped in Daily Sales and subsequently cancelled. The card is immediately charged upon swipe for Card Present Transactions. For more information, review A patron's credit card was refunded in BBMS but there is no order or refund record in Altru. For these transactions, you can highlight the row and click "Remove from List."
  2. Are there any Unresolved Online Sales Orders? If an error occurred during an online transaction, your merchant services provider would have charged the card, but the order would be pending your review in Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Orders. For more information, review Online sales order came through but I can't find it. If you correct this order, you can choose to "Find the Transaction Match" under Unmatched Disbursements.
  3. Was this an Unresolved Online Sales Order that was Cancelled? If you do not correct this order, but cancel this order, you may also have a refund appearing under Unmatched Disbursements. To confirm this, we recommend searching your merchant services portal for the card number and cardholder name. If you find there was both a charge and a refund, you can highlight the row and click "Remove from List."
  4. Were any back office payments deleted? If you see a refund, but no charge, it is possible the payment was a back office charge that was deleted and refunded. If you only see a charge and no refund, it is also possible that the payment was a back office charge that was deleted and not refunded. If the charge is a Card Not Present Transaction, this could be the case. If this is problematic, you can adjusting a back office payment down to $0 to maintain an audit trail. For more information, review Back office donations do not show to be refunded.
  5. Were any transactions charged outside of Altru? If you use BBMS MobilePay or are charging transactions directly through the Blackbaud Merchant Services portal, you may not have a corresponding transaction in your Altru database. If the transaction should be in the database, you can add the transaction. Once the transaction is added, highlight the row and choose "Find Transaction Match." 
  6. Does your organization have any charge backs or charge back challenges? If you have charge backs or have won a charge back challenge, you may see funds appear under Unmatched Disbursements as the charge backs do not have a transaction match in Altru. You can verify whether or not these are charge backs on your Blackbaud Merchant Services Disbursement Report or on your Charge backs Tab.