The TeamRaiser Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) feature is an optional feature that works with TeamRaiser events that require a minimum fundraising amount commitment. It allows participants to make an online pledge that automatically fulfills any remaining balance after the event at a specified date.

How it works:
  1. A TeamRaiser event is created and a minimum fundraising goal requirement for each participation type is set.
  2. A separate donation form using the Basic Form template is created specifically for self-pledge donations as either a Delayed Self-Pledge or Instant Self-Pledge form.  This can either be presented to the participant as a link from within the Participant Center or can be accessed through a custom application built using Luminate APIs to guide participants through a flow for online event check-in and pledge fulfillment.
  3. After registering, the participant visits their participant center and will see a link in the Participant Center to initiate a Delayed (or Instant) Self-Pledge.
  4. When they are ready, they can choose to click the link and complete a donation form where they can commit to pay the difference after the fundraising deadline, either in one payment or installments.
  5. If/when they commit to pledge, the system will charge them a nominal fee ($5, $10, etc.) to capture their payment information in the gateway.
  6.  After the event has passed, a Luminate Online administrator will navigate to the Delayed Self-Pledges tab (when managing the event) to see who has not met their fundraising goal.
  7. The Admin can mark the checkbox by any individual (or multiple) participant's name and click the 'Process select pledge ($x.xx)' button. Otherwise, the Admin can click the green button at the top of the page to 'Process all self-pledges outstanding ($x.xx)' button.
  8. The system will trigger the additional payments necessary to meet the balance of what the participant owes, either as a one-time payment or installments, depending on what the participant chose. Luminate Online will also send an auto-responder emails to participants to remind them of their payment and payment schedule (if applicable).
A few things to note:
  1. DSP is optional. The system does not force participants to pay the difference; they must agree to it after registration. In other words, it is not possible to require/enforce the pledge commitment at the point of registration.
  2. There is also an “instant self pledge” option so that users can pay the difference immediately from within the Participant Center, post-registration.
  3. For sites not using the APIs to build the DSP application, there is no way to display the outstanding balance to the user until they visit the donation form where they will make their pledge. The outstanding balance is then displayed on the donation form.
  4. You can choose whether or not to allow the participant to make installment payments toward fulfilling their pledge, and can control the terms of the installments (2 monthy payments, 3 monthly payments, etc.).
  5. The amount of the initial charge ($5, $10, etc.) that holds the credit card information until the pledge payments begin is configurable as a site data parameter (SDP).  Please contact support to have this enabled.
  6. Any gifts (online or offline confirmed) that are entered into TeamRaiser between when the participant makes the pledge and when the organization downloads the DSP report will be deducted from the balance owned.