Gift Entry Validation Report with attached query is not sorting by specified sort field(s) when using query sort in report

The Gift Entry Validation report can be sorted (ordered) using sort fields from a query. However, in The Raiser's Edge 7.95, this report is sorting in different order even when attaching a query with sort field(s)s specified.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

In the sample Raiser's Edge database 7.95:

1. Go to Query. Create a new, dynamic gift query with the following:

  • Criteria tab:
Gift Information > Gift Date equals Last Calendar Year
  • Output tab
Gift Information > Gift Amount
Gift Information > Gift Date
Gift Information > Gift Type
Constituent > Constituent ID
Constituent > Name
Funds > Fund ID
  • Sort tab:
Gift Information > Gift Date (Asc)

2. Click on Results tab to preview ordered results.
3. Click on File > Save to name and save this query. Keep results open or take a screenshot to compare query sort with report results.
4. Then go to Reports > Financial Reports > Gift Entry Validation and start a new one.
5. In the new report:
  • General tab: Attach the query created in steps 1 - 3. Mark all the includes.
4. Click Preview to run the report. Report will appear in a different order different from Query results.

Additional fields tested in query that also do not sort correctly comparing query results with report results:
  • Funds > Fund ID (Asc)
  • Constituent > Sort Key (Asc)


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