1. Log into the first Database in which you need to process 1099s
  2. In Mail > Forms (or Mail > State and Federal Tax reports) Create a new instance of the report and process through the 1099 or W-2 Wizard until you reach the option for having multiple 1099 or W-2 data files
  3. Choose the option for "Yes, I use multiple 1099 (or W-2) data files for the EIN"
  4. Click Save and name the file (this includes vendors (or employees) from the database you are in currently)
  5. Click Close
  6. Log out of that database and into your second database
  7. Repeat the above steps through the Save
  8. Repeat as necessary with any additional databases until you are in the final database
  9. Once saved, mark each box for each of the saved files and click merge

Aatrix will merge the data and all you to proceed with checking all of your Vendors (or Employees) from every database in the Aatrix Grid.

If you track multiple EINs in one database:
  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable > Configuration > General
  2. Verify the EIN listed (Federal Id#)
  3. Go to AP > Mail > Forms > 1099 Forms
  4. Process 1099s for the EIN verified in step 2.
  5. Once complete go back to Accounts Payable > Configuration > General
  6. Change the EIN (Federal ID#) to your other company
  7. Complete steps 3 and 4 again.
  8. Continue this process for all EINs/Companies your organization has.