To change an incorrect entering year navigate to:

1. Enrollment Management> People Finder.
2. Search for the Candidate.
3. Under the Record tab, click Edit on Candidate Information.
4. Select the correct Entering Year from the Entering Year: dropdown menu.
5. Click Save.

Note: To change to a year in this way, the target year will need to have 'Allow as Inquiry/Admission Reporting Year: Yes' set under Core> Settings> School Information>Years & Terms. Otherwise it will not display on the dropdown.

In order to remove a duplicate, or inactive, Entering Year from a Candidate, first you will want to ensure all the information for the year you are deleting, is displayed in the year you are keeping. Please keep in mind this will also remove Official Notes, Inquiries and Applications associated with the Entering Year. Once the entering year is removed there is not a way to restore the information.

To remove a duplicate or inactive entering year from a Candidate. Navigate to:

  1. Enrollment Management> People Finder
  2. Search for the Candidate
  3. Under the banner that includes information for the Candidate, select the Entering Year you want to remove.
  4. Keep in mind anything associated with this Entering Year including Applications and Inquiries will be removed.
  5. Click on the button Delete entering year
  6. Add in the reason (this gets stored behind the scenes)
  7. Click on the button Delete this entering year