With the 16.1 release of Luminate Online, updated functionality for Delayed Self Pledge was introduced.  For some of the Luminate Online sites, this change could affect custom data exports or reports.  For those sites that may be affected in this way, the new functionality was not enabled.  This does not affect the functionality of Delayed Self Pledge as it already existed within  Luminate Online.  If your site is in the configuration where the new Delayed Self-Pledge functionality is not enabled, you will see this error message:

Delayed Self-Pledge is not available for this site. If this participation type is configured to have a delayed self-pledge it will not be visible to registrants.

If you see this error message on the "TeamRaiser:Manage Participation Types: Identify Type" step of editing a TeamRaiser, then your site does not have the new Delayed Self-Pledge functionality enabled.  If you would like to enable it, please contact your Client Success Manager to verify that changes are not necessary to your site customizations before enablement of this new feature. More details about the feature are here:

16.1 New Delayed Self-Pledge