With the card reader plugged into your smart phone or tablet and currently on the screen to 'Swipe or enter card':

  1. Reduce the volume settings on the smart phone or tablet so it is not on full
  2. Swipe a card through the MobilePay card swipe reader ensuring the magnetic stripe is facing the large side of the reader

If the error persists, please review the following attempting to swipe a credit card after each step:

  • If you have more than one Blackbaud MobilePay reader, try a different reader on the affected device. (Likewise, try the affected reader on another device setup for MobilePay.)
  • Hold the reader in place to ensure it does not twist while the card is being swiped.
  • If an adapter or dongle is being used to connect the reader to the device, try a different a different adapter/dongle if available on the affected device. This should be an adapter from the phone's manufacturer, third party adapters may not work correctly.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Blackbaud MobilePay app on the device.
If the error persists on the same device despite different readers (and adapters/dongles), then there is an unknown issue within the device and another device should be set up for MobilePay. However, if error does not occur and the card information does not populate, then please contact Blackbaud Merchant Services support.