Active Member Constituency selection has incorrect results, and is showing a larger amount of constituents

The Active Constituencies section in an appeal mailing are selections that are built automatically by the system for all constituencies codes that exist. When using the Active Constituencies Member Constituents selection in an appeal mailing you may notice that the number of constituents included is larger than the amount of constituents that actually have the Constituency Member.
The Member Constituency may be pulling Constituents that might have previously had this Constituency.
This was resolved in the latest release of Altru.

Steps to Duplicate

To add the selection to an Appeal Mailing:
  1. In Marketing and Communications select Appeal Mailings.
  2. Select the mailing name to open the mailing.
  3. Select the Letters tab.
  4. Highlight the Letter and select Edit.
  5. Edit the selections of constituents that will receive this letter.
  6. Expand the Active Constituencies folder.
  7. Add 'Member' Constituents to the selection and click OK.
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8. Run the Appeal Mailing and notice that the results does not match the amount of constituent that have the Constituency Member.
​To create a query to find all Constituents with the Member Constituency and compare to the appeal selection:
  1. In Analysis select Information Library.
  2. Select Add an ad-hoc query.
  3. Highlight Constituents and click OK.
  4. Under browse for fields in highlight Constituencies.
  5. Drag Constituency from select constituencies fields to include records where.
  6. In the Apply Criteria window set this equal to Member.
  7. Preview Results.
  8. Notice that if you browse to some of the Constituent pages not all currently have the Member Constituency.


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