Raised Total Showing $0 on Personal Fundraiser site

On the Home page of a Personal Fundraiser site, the Raised total shows $0 even though donations have been made to the fundraiser.

If teams and participants have been registered and received donations, the fundraising pages for the teams and participants may accurately reflect their fundraising totals. However, the home page of the site still shows $0 Raised.
This issue was resolved in the 7.18.3 release

Steps to Duplicate

A. First, search in your eTapestry database for a donation that has been made to this fundraiser to ensure it has been entered correctly:
  1. Search for a donor's account and open the account
  2. Click on the blue Journal link in the account header
  3. Click on the Gift that was submitted by this donor to open it
  4. On the left hand side under Basic Information, the Fundraiser field should be set to the name of the Personal Fundraiser site; this links the donation to the site and means it should be appear on the Home page
B. Now check the Home page of the live site to see if the donation appears as part of the Raised total:
  1. Click on the arrow next to Management in the menu
  2. Click Fundraisers under Online Presence
  3. Find the site and click on the URL beneath the name to go to the active site
  4. On the Home page, the Raised total will say $0 even though the donation in section A above is linked to the site



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