You may encounter this error if a TeamRaiser team was deleted in either Luminate Online or LCRM but not the other system. Team deletions do not sync to or from LCRM, so they must be deleted from each system separately. You can use the link for the Online ID to get the name of the team and the TeamRaiser that it belongs to. To resolve this:
  1. Delete the team
  • To delete the team in Luminate Online:
  1. Select Fundraising >  TeamRaiser
  2. Find your TeamRaiser and click Manage
  3. Select the Teams tab
  4. Find your Team and click Disband Team
  • To delete the team in LCRM:
  1. Search for the name of the team in LCRM
  2. Select the team from your search results
  3. Click Delete
  1. Rebuild the error message to resolve