You can add your own groups to the delivery list for coaching emails by following the steps below.
  1. Go to Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Find your TeamRaiser and click Manage
  3. Select the Coaching Emails tab
  4. Select the Delivery List tab
  5. Click Configure delivery groups
  6. Click Add Groups
  7. Find your group(s) in this list and mark the checkbox next to each of them
  8. Click Add Selected Groups when finished
  9. Scroll down and click Finish
The group has now been added to your TeamRaiser's audience list and you can now select this group in your Coaching Email deliveries. 
  1. From the Coaching Emails tab, click Begin Delivery
  2. Select the groups created for the TeamRaiser event as the audience of your coaching email
You can also exclude groups by adding them to your Do Not Email list.
  1. Click Manage Do Not Email Groups under Related Actions
  2. Select Groups Created by this Event to add external groups
  3. Click Next
  4. Select your groups and click Exclude
  5. Click Finish