Significant delay when saving Course Record

When saving Course Record after inputting Department and Course type the Client receives extended period of time while saving.
Resolution still being determined

Steps to Duplicate

1.) Open The Education Edge
2.) Select Record
3.) Select Courses
4.) Create New Course Record
5.) Input Course ID
6.) Input Course Name
7.) Select Adrian College
8.) Select Department: (Input Department)
9.) Select Course Type: (Input Course Type)
10.) Select Restrictions 1 > Input Class Size
11.) Input Classes Per Term: 
12.) Select Years Allowed:
13.) Select Restrictions 2
14.) Create New Restrictions
15.) Input Academic Year
16.) Input Session
17.) Meetings by Pattern: (select Pattern)
18.) Select Grading > New Grading Information
19.) Select Year and Session
20.)  Include This Course in the following performance categories:
21.) GPA weight
22.) Select Marking Columns to Grade.
23.) Save and Close Record

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