Unresolved sales order error message contains the credit card authorization as a completed sales order

You may notice that an unresolved online sales order was created with the same credit card details in the error message as a completed online sales order for the same constituent. You may notice specifically that both orders share the same credit card authorization code. You may not want to cancel this order because you do not want to refund the completed order on the constituents record. Please contact support for further assistance.
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this issue, please chat with support and provide the order number of the Unresolved Online Sale and the order number of the completed order. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to sales > unresolved online sales order
  2. Select the effected unresolved order
  3. View the error message and make a note of the authorization code 
  4. Go to the effected constituents record
  5. Select the Sales orders tab > select the online sales order for the same date for the same items
  6. Go to the payments tab > see that the authorization code is the same as in the Unresolved Sales Order


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