Incorrect matching gift recognition credits populated when payment is made by third party

When a matching gift is paid by a third party, recognition credit for the original company are dropped. For example, a donor who works for a Corporation makes a donation and enters a pending match. The corporation and the donor get recognition credit for the matching gift claim. Then, the claim is paid by a third party fund, recognition credit on the PAYMENT is only given to the donor and the third party, however the constituents corporation is dropped.
It is not currently possible to add both a third party payment service as well as the original matching gift claim without overriding the initial recognition credit. Here is an Idea Bank Suggestion for this functionality:

It may be possible to add this functionality via a customization.  If this is something you are interested in, please follow-up with your Account Executive for more information.  


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create an Enhanced Revenue batch
  2. Enter $ amount and select the application as Donation 
  3. Under Revenue click Matching gifts
  4. Enter a Matching organization 
  5. Commit the batch
  6. Navigate to the constituent record
  7. Under the Revenue tab click Recognition History
  8. Select the Payment
  9. Select Matching gift
  10. Select the Organization match amount 
  11. Under the Recognition tab note Recognition credits for the constituent, spouse, and matching organization.
  12. Navigate to the Revenue tab
  13. Click Batch entry
  14. Add a new batch entering the 3rd party payment on behalf of the original organization. 
  15. Apply the commitment amount and enter the matching gift claim
  16. Under Revenue details select Recognitions
  17. Note: The constituent, spouse, and the 3rd party show Recognitions, however, the original matching gift organization is dropped. 
  18. Commit the batch
  19. Navigate to the constituents record
  20. Repeat steps 3 - 10
  21. Note: The original orgnization has been dropped from the Recognition credits


 Blackbaud CRM

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