Error: Transaction violates account restriction for project [x] - when saving a webpurchasing requisition

When project account restrictions are in place, a user entering records may receive Error: Transaction violates account restriction for project [x] when entering and saving a web purchasing requisition. In this scenario, the project does not violate account restrictions, but the error message is still occurring

The project account restriction on the project record can be set up using either a list of accounts, a range of accounts, or a query of accounts. Here the project is setup with a query of accounts and is set to "allow use of selected accounts".  The same error may occur in web purchasing or web invoicing 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. General Ledger > Records > Projects > Open project example
2. Select the account restrictions tab > Note it is set to allow use of selected accounts by Query
3. The account query has just [account] in it > Open the query to verify just that account is listed
4. Log into Webportal 
5. Go shopping > Pick an item to "add to cart" > View my Cart > Create Requisition 
6. Click Edit to edit the distribution > Clear the account if there is one and enter the account in the query > Add in the project example
7. Try to save
8. Receive error -  Error: Transaction violates account restriction for project


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