Start your Query:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click to Add a new Ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Constituents and click OK. 
Add fields to Results Fields to Display:
  1. We will need to start by adding fields to the output/Results fields to display. From the middle column, drag Title, First Name, and Last/Organization/Group/Household Name into Results fields to Display. 
  2. Next, add the Spouse information to Results fields to display. In the left column, highlight Spouse. From the middle column, drag the same fields into Results Fields to display: Title, First Name, and Last/Organization/Group/Household Name. If desired, you can click the pencil icon to rename these fields to remind you that this is the spouse information (for example: you may rename Spouse\Last/Organization/Household Name to appear as Spouse Last Name).
  3. To compare this information with the individual's Primary Addressee and Primary Salutation, scroll up in Browse for fields in and highlight Addressee/Salutation. From the middle column, drag Primary Addressee and Primary Salutation to Results Fields to Display. 
Add criteria to Include Records Where:
  1. Now that we have the above information in the output, we are ready to add our filters. Highlight Constituents again at the top of the left hand column. Drag Last/Organization/Group/Household Name to Include Records where. Change the operator to be "Not equal to" and un-check the box to Include Blanks. Next, select Output field and choose "Spouse\Last/Organization/Household Name" Your criteria should appear like this:  
    Image of apply criteria screen
  2. (Optional) If you'd also like to see what individuals do not have their spouse's last name in their Primary Addressee, you can also follow these steps: Highlight the Addressee and Salutation Node and drag Primary Addressee to Include Records where. Change this operator to "Does not Contain" and select Output Field. Choose Spouse\Last/Organization/Household name from the drop down. 
Finish Up:
  1. Your final query should look similar to this: 
    Final query example
  2. Go to the Set save options tab and save your query so you can access it again.
  3. You can use the Query Browse feature to browse to the different records to edit their name formats if needed. After you click Browse, when Altru prompts you to select a Page Definition, you can also select "Marriage Options" to edit both spouses name formats in one screen.