Relationships cannot be created during an online transaction. There are no fields currently on the Altru web forms to specify relationships when purchasing a membership or registration. Please add your vote to our idea on the Altru Community

We recommend auditing your online sales so you can create any additional relationships in Altru as needed. One way to do this is by creating an audit query. Below is an example of a query created to find patrons and the constituents that they have purchased registrations for. This may assist your organization in creating relationships in Altru: 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click to Add a new ad-hoc query 
  3. Select the source view of Sales Orders and click OK. 
  4. In the middle column, drag "Sales method type" into Include records Where. Set this to be equal to Online Sales. 
  5. Next, we will add fields to find registrants. In the left column, expand Sales Order Item, expand Sales Order Item Ticket, and highlight Program. You can use the fields in the middle column to find registrants for a specific program (for example: Program record, Program Name) or you can generally filter with the "Is preregistered?" field which will find any pre-registered program. Here is an example of how your query filters may look: Create relationships with registrants
  6. Next, we will add fields to Results Fields to Display. First, add the Registrant Name. In the left column, where Sales Order Item Ticket is expanded, expand Sales Order Item Ticket Registrant, expand Registrant, and then highlight Constituent. Drag Name from the middle column to Results Fields to Display. 
  7. Next, add the name of the patron or purchaser. Scroll up in the left hand column to the Constituent Node. In the middle column, drag Name to Results Fields to Display. This will show you the name of the constituent who made the purchase. 
  8. Next, add any additional details you would like to see about this query. Here is an example of what your Results Fields to Display may look like: Example of Results Fields to display
  9. You can use the Query Browse function to open the order and create relationships from the patron's record.