Error: Address type is required when importing records

When importing New Records, the system will require Address Type, but will not recognize Address type when mapped, nor allow the import to be completed without this field if the Default Address Type is not set.


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If there is NOT a default address  in Tools>Options > Records> Address then the specific address type would need to be included in the CSV File and mapped on the fields tab of the import. For example, if the address type is actually Home, then "Home" should be entered in the Address Type Column. Otherwise,  the address type for the new record would be automatically set to what's entered for Default Address.


To resolve the issue:

Include the Missing Field in the Import File

1. Include Address Type in the  CSV file > Include the specific Address Type>  Map the field in the import file in Education Edge


Edit the Default Address Type

  1. Click Tools
  2. Select Options
  3. Click Records Tab
  4. From Menu on Left hand side, Select Address
  5. Select Default Address Type from drop down menu > Choose the preferred address
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click OK
*Note: If more than one address type is being imported, it would be best to include the specific address types in the csv file to ensure the address have the preferred address types.

Steps to Duplicate


  1. While Logged in to Education Edge, click Administration
  2. Click Import Records
  3. Select New Import
  4. On General Tab, Select import new records
  5. Select Import File
  6. Click the Fields Tab
  7. Map Address Type, and all other required fields
  8. Click Import Now
Receive Exceptions Error Report – Address type is required

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