How to mark a Constituent Record Inactive

You may want to retain information about a constituent who no longer actively supports your organization, so you can mark the constituent record as inactive to accomplish this.

Note: The program automatically excludes inactive constituents from constituent searches, so in order to search for inactive constituents, you must first select "Include inactive" on the Constituent Search screen.

Additionally, you can follow the same steps below to remark the record as active at any time.
  1. Open the record of the constituent to mark as inactive. For information about how to open a constituent record, see Constituent Search.
  2. Under Tasks, click Mark inactive. The Constituent mark inactive screen appears.
  3. Select the reason code to explain the need to mark the constituent as inactive.
Tip: To configure reason codes for inactive constituents, from Constituents, click Reason codes under Configuration. For information about how to configure reason codes for inactive constituents, see the Administration section of the help file.
  1. In the Details field, enter any additional information about the inactive status of the constituent.
  2. Click Save. You return to the constituent record.


 Blackbaud CRM

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