Discounted Order showing incorrect amount on Revenue History Tab

You may notice if you have an order in which a discount was applied, the Order will show as the full amount before discounts on the constituent's Revenue History Tab. 
The Revenue History tab will show the total amount of the order, before any discounts were applied. A refund, or discount, still counts as revenue for accounting purposes. Therefore, the Revenue History tab will include totals with refunds and discounts. 

To view the amount paid after discounts were subtracted, view the order on the Sales Order tab instead. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Daily Sales or Advance Sales 
  2. Ring an order for tickets under a patron's name
  3. Add a discount to the order 
  4. Complete the order 
  5. Go to the patron's record and click on their Revenue tab and view their Revenue History tab. 
  6. Notice that the order is showing as the full amount before discounts. 


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