The drop-down is blank because the template is missing required fields. Please follow the steps below to add the required fields:
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry > Batch Templates
  2. Find the Enhanced Revenue Batch for Credit Card Payments template (​​If the Enhanced Revenue Batch for Credit Card Payments template does not exist, copy the Enhanced revenue batch template and name it Enhanced Revenue Batch for Credit Card Payments.)
  3. Click on Select Fields and Defaults
  4. Ensure the following fields are selected: 
    • Date
    • Payment method
    • GL post status
    • Amount
    • Revenue type
    • Receipt amount
    • Constituent
    • Name on card
    • Card number
    • Card type
    • Expires on
    • Authorization code
    • Rejection message
    • Constituent
    • Reference number
  5. Once all of the required fields are added Click Save.
  6. Go to Revenue > EFT > Credit card processing and add your process. Now see the drop down is not blank