Total revenue on revenue summary of revenue tab is higher than it should be

On the revenue tab, when viewing the total revenue in the revenue summary section, you may find that the number is higher than it should be with the revenue filter blank.
This is being caused by Altru counting both the pledge balance and the pledge payments. A revenue filter must be selected in order to display accurate revenue.


Example: $100 pledge ($20 payment made), then $80 balance remaining:

Revenue Reporting Filter Used

Total Revenue Amount

Only Pledge:
User-added image

$80 (Will show only pledge balance amount)

Only Pledge Payment:
User-added image

$20 (Will show only the payment corresponding to the pledge)

Both Pledge and Payment marked:

$100 (Will show pledge balance amount + pledge payment amount)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From constituent record, select the revenue tab
  2. On the Revenue summary section, clear the revenue filter
  3. Total revenue is incorrect


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