Report shows zeros for all totals
Ensure that the user logged into the Call Center belongs to either the Call Center Users or the Call Center Admin user security group in RE. Users in the former group will only be able to see statistics about themselves, while those in the latter group will see statistics for all users in the report. For users hosted by Blackbaud, please refer to the following article:
How to add a user to a security group for Blackbaud Hosting Services​

Report does not show current or live statistics
The Call Center Daily Analysis report only displays gifts and pledges which have already been committed from the Call Center batch in The Raiser's Edge (RE). It was not designed to report live statistics. Run the report after all gift batches have been committed for the day. 

There are no reports in the Call Center Add-In
Currently no reports are included with the latest version of the Call Center (known as the Call Center Add-In) application. However, Call Center users should be able to run queries in RE and then export those as needed. There is a Call Center Log Action on all of the caller records for each day that records their start time and end time. The number of phone calls can be determined by which Actions they are listed as the Solicitor on. Everything that gets recorded by the Call Center is in RE as an Action, Gift, Note or Attribute of some kind. This can be exported to Excel through the RE Query module.
Note: There were reports in the older versions of the Call Center Plug-In but these were removed due to stability issues. Although there is no reporting built into the current version of the Call Center, it’s on the future enhancements list, however no date yet on when these will be available.