Users receive reCAPTCHA when there are multiple donation forms on a page

Users receive error: Unable to load the reCAPTCHA image. The public key (6LdfYhgTAAAAAHUukLvPyeW-5I1QRy46e8S4Tf7Z) might be invalid for this domain when there are more than three donation forms on a page
This is a limitation of Google ReCaptcha API version 1.0 in that only one ReCaptcha is allowed per page. We were able to get around this by making each donation form use a different language. This makes it so that only on donation form renders on a page and thus only one ReCaptcha loads on the page.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Ensure reCAPTCHA is set up on the child site in Administration>Sites & Settings for Anonymous and provisional users when processing a payment
  2. Create A simple donation form part with proceed directly to payments 
  3. Create a new page
  4. Add three or more instances of the donation form part to the page
  5. View the page 
  6. On the third donation form, view error 


 Blackbaud Internet Solutions

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