Exception: The payment you have entered cannot be saved because it is a duplicate

This exception occurs when trying to import deposits from Online Express Bill Pay. It happens most commonly when there are two payments with the same date and amount.
This issue may be resolved by changing the Business Rules that decide how the software determines what duplicate payments are.

1. In Configuration, Business Rules, highlight Payment
2. Make sure that the drop down box next to Automatically check for Duplicate Payments says Warn user.

You may also want to add additional fields to the duplicate payment criteria box. The default fields are payment date and amount but you can include the payment method, source, and comments. 

Steps to Duplicate

In Education Edge, Student Billing

1. Select Online Express Bill Pay from the Navigation Bar
2. Select Manage Transaction
3. Under the 1. Add to Deposit(s) and Process tab, select the payment and either Create a New Deposit or Add to an existing Deposit.
4. Select Continue to Fast!
5. In the Fast - Online Express Bill Pay window, select commit payment to receive the exception message. 


 Student Billing

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