To bulk add School Decisions, the intended students will also need to have a 'Decision' checklist step.
When this is the case, then navigate to:
  1. onBoard > Candidate > Bulk Complete Items
  2. (Header: STEP 1 of 4) Select the appropriate filter options:
  • Admissions Staff
  • Entering Year
  • Entering Grade
  • Status
  • Checklist
  • Checklist Item ('Decision' type if completing checklist step)
  1. Click Next
  2. (Header: STEP 2 of 4) Where the system states: "Select data collection type to add additional data for selected candidates"- this is asking what information other than the checklist item you want to complete (in Step 4 of 4). In this instance, select 'Decision'.
  3. Select the Student(s) and date you wish to complete the checklist step for (and potentially add the 'additional data' to (which uses a separate date in Step 4 of 4))
  4. Click Next
  5. (Header: STEP 3 of 4) Confirm details screen. If you do not wish to add 'additional data', click 'Save & Exit'. Otherwise, click 'Save & Next'
  6. (Header: STEP 4 of 4) Enter School Decision data (such as Date, Decision, Comment etc)
  7. Click 'Save & Exit'
Note: Currently, the 'Publish Date' does not show a star as 'Required', but is in fact required in order to have the decision be added to a candidate profile. This means that clicking 'Save & Exit' without a publish date entered will result in the Decision 'additional data' not being created. (Checklist items will still be marked as completed).

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